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Venue Hire for functions

Function Venue Hire is only payable when the group wishes:Wine tasting

  • To be totally private and not share the room with any other party or group.
  • To have dances, extensive speeches, projector or product displays, own music, etc
  • Large groups with special catering or set-up requirements

In this case the Function Charge for the different rooms are as follows:

Evening functions (6pm to 11.30pm)

Main Banquet room (120-130 seated) $500

Merlot Marquee (120 seated)         $400

(Combined rooms, save $100)

Cabernet Cottage (35-40 seated) $250

Riesling room (15-20 seated)         $200

Tables can be covered with Black or White linen but White linen attracts extra cleaning charges

Day functions are assessed on merit but when exclusivity is required it may attract the same venue charges as evening functions.

No charges are levied for groups that share facilities with other restaurant customers.

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